Wix Vs WordPress

Wix vs WordPress

Here’s a quick Wix vs WordPress comparative table, and under it, a fully detailed comparison.



Price (Basic Website Plan)

$4.99 USD
per month.
Free trial available.

Free but you have to purchase hosting and ad domain

Designs & Ease-of-Use

SUPER easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder.
60+ free responsive templates.

Need to understand how it works first. A bit of studying required.

Customer Support

By email and callbacks, during business hours.

No support, but you can find millions of forums.

Notable Pros

  • Easy to use

  • Free templates

  • Growth ready

  • Huge plugin database with attractive free tiers.

  • Amazing for SEO.

  • Combined with cheap hosting, it is cost effective.

Notable Cons

  • Cannot switch template once website is live.

  • Many options - can feel overwhelming.

  • Requires to build experience. More powerful with coding knowledge.

  • Less easy to use.

Cost Per Sale (for eCommerce)

Commission Free Selling.

Commission Free Selling.


Great to start a store without knowledge. Great for quickly launching your store.

Less easy to use, but still adapted to beginners who want to learn more.

In our Wix Vs WordPress competition, we will decide which one is better based on cost and features. Both these tools are highly popular among web designers to design their site and implement new plugins to have a better interface. Let us have a look at Wix vs WordPress in detail.

Wix Vs WordPress – Pricing

The best tool must be in your affordable range. While selecting one of these two tools, you should decide how much you can invest in hosting and domain purchasing.

Wix is probably cheap when it comes to the pricing of the tool. Indeed, its cost ranges from $0 to $49 depending on which plan you prefer. For the first purchase, a free domain is also available for you.

Although WordPress is free, its installation and maintenance is not. In fact, you have to pay a fee of $4 to $10 depending on your hosting plans. Furthermore, you have to spend at least $8 per year to purchase a domain name.

User Experience

Ease of use can be valuable when you don’t know essential coding skills. Both platforms are simple and don’t require coding knowledge. Let’s see which is better between Wix and WordPress.

Wix is quite easy to use and build complex sites. For landing pages, you can drag and drop different options and get your site ready to use. A better user-friendly interface is possible with it.

WordPress may be complex for you to use, especially without prior knowledge. You have to understand various options like menus and widgets. There is no built-in method for drag and drop. Spend some time to get used to it. Indeed, once you are used to it, it is a very powerful tool.


To add functionality to your website, plugins become necessary to add. Without plugins, you can hardly even optimize your website for SEO purposes. Contact forms are possible due to plugins. A huge collection of plugins offers a wide variety to select from.

Wix offers 200+ plugins to its users. With full control over your e-commerce site or blog, you can add these plugins and optimize your blog to rank it on Google. However, it is not a huge source of plugins.

WordPress offers up to 55k plugins or more to its web designers. Most of these tools are free, easy to install and have awesome features. Therefore, it can a big advantage as compared to Wix.

Wix Vs WordPress – Conclusion

In our opinion in this Wix Vs WordPress battle, we recommend Wix to build your websites. Although both tools have unique features that work in their favor, Wix’s drag and drop tool ices the cake.